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I'm retired from the United States Navy but have also served time as a Reservist. I originally enlisted in October, 1972, finished the Fall college term, and left for RTC(W), Orlando in January of 1973. I was selected as RTCO of my Company 3032. What an opportunity to display leadership ability, organizational and educational capabilities!

My Recruiter, Chief Steven Hanes, was important in my overall enlistment and said I should study hard and request a school within the Airdale division, meaning "brown shoe over black shoe". However, poor eye sight kept me out of his chosen field and I came home on my first leave as a Radioman. He was upset.....

I went on to RM "A" school and upon graduation volunteered for duty at NAVSTA Adak, AK. This was considered a year of isolated, sea duty, and only 30 women would receive orders to the Command. After a year, a selectee could work with their detailer and get any assignment requested. Well, this wasn't entirely TRUE.....

Events which occurred while I was in Alaska would be with me for the rest of my life. After nearly a lifetime, the VA finally diagnosed me as suffering from PTSD and awarded me a 30% disability in 2020. What can you do with 30%? Not much, I'll tell you and there are many reasons WHY!

Some time in the future, I'll possibly add more to my profile. I encourage all WOMEN who have served in the Military to fight until you're satisfied with a disability rating. It will take time, lots of documents to support your claim, but don't settle until you are satisfied, and FEEL GOOD about your AWARD.

Joyce Gwillim

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